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Protection Plan

Replacement Protection Program

At HHM Transportation, we care about your personal possessions. We want you to be comfortable knowing you have the best moving experience possible. We have an outstanding record for moving personal possessions with the utmost care by providing a high quality of service. However, no matter what we do to prevent them, accidents do occur. As a result, we strongly believe that it is crucial to discuss that rare possibility so that you know what to expect from us if something unanticipated happens. This lets you know when/how your items will be replaced.

HHM Transportation offers the Replacement Protection Program on any move whether it’s local, national, or international; thereby, relieving any concerns you may have in regards to the coverage of your belongings.  Our basic protection provides repair or replacement up to a maximum of $.60 per pound per article in case of damage or loss.

We work hard to guarantee you a smooth, worry-free move. If you require any additional information regarding the replacement protection program we offer, please do contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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